Let's face it. Sometimes it's hard to tell the difference between a fine, precision watch and a low quality, discount imitation. Both crystals shine brightly in the light. Both bands reflect gold. But it's what's inside that really counts - the precision gears, the delicate springs, the jewels inside that separate a superior product from an also ran.

A new home is no different. The smooth finishes and convenience items all provide comfortable living. But the real story lies beneath the surface. You need to look behind the paint and finish to grasp the real quality of a home.

At Cornerstone Builders and Real Estate, we define quality as a home for life. A home for life means three things:

  1. A home that should last for a hundred years or more. You keep a house lasting that long by using quality materials and putting those materials together in such a way as to keep moisture out. Some estimates indicate that as much as 90% of home problems are moisture related. A "life" home takes extra precautions to ensure that moisture doesn't cause any damage to your home.
  2. A home for life means that home designs should implement features that enhance the overall health of each person living in the home. More and more evidence points to the dangers of volatile organic compounds, molds, dust, and other environmental toxins to the health and well being of a home's inhabitants.
  3. We're confident we will be your "Builder for Life" should you choose us to build your home. You will discover the peace of mind offered when your home meets our exceptional building standards.

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